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Crypto funding fraud in Philippines

YDYS Buying and selling gives no details about who owns or runs the corporate on its web site.

In actual fact as I write this, YDYS Buying and selling’s web site is nothing greater than an affiliate log in kind:

YDYS Buying and selling’s web site area (“”), was privately registered on February nineteenth, 2022.

On April twenty first the Philippine SEC issued a YDYS Buying and selling securities fraud warning.

The information of the Fee present that YDYS TRADING OPC is registered with the Fee on 01 March 2022 as a One Particular person Company.

Nevertheless, as indicated in its Certificates of Incorporation, it clearly states that it’s NOT AUTHORIZED to solicit investments from the general public.

The regulator recognized cited Mar Albert Pondang Hidalgo as “head” of YDYS Buying and selling.

On social media Hidalgo goes by “Mar Albert Hidalgo”. He’s based mostly out of the Philippines.

Perusing Hidalgo’s FaceBook profile, it seems YDYS is his first MLM enterprise as an government.

Circa 2020 Hidalgo was shilling whacky COVID-19 “remedy gear”:

In 2021 Hidalgo was selling PMS Prime 98 Choose:

PMS Prime 98 Choose is an MLM firm that makes all kinds of bogus well being claims about its merchandise:

The promo photograph above was posted to Hidalgo’s FaceBook web page in late December 2021.

By February 2021 Hidalgo had reinvented himself as a crypto bro and launched YDYS Buying and selling.

Learn on for a full evaluate of YDYS Buying and selling’s MLM alternative.

YDYS Buying and selling’s Merchandise

YDYS Buying and selling has no retailable services or products.

Associates are solely capable of market YDYS Buying and selling itself.

YDYS Buying and selling’s Compensation Plan

As above, YDYS Buying and selling’s web site is nothing greater than an affiliate log in kind. Firm particulars, together with compensation, are deliberately hid from the general public.

Nonetheless YDYS Buying and selling’s compensation plan is documented by the Philippine SEC of their securities fraud warning.

YDYS Buying and selling solicits funding in Philippine Pesos (PHP), on the promise of returns topping 250% in 45 days.

  • Pink Staking – make investments 300 PHP and obtain 750 PHP in 45 days
  • Blue Staking – make investments 1000 PHP and obtain 2500 PHP in 45 days
  • Orange Staking – make investments 5000 PHP and obtain 12,500 PHP in 45 days
  • Gold Staking – make investments 50,000 PHP and obtain 125,000 PHP in 45 days

The MLM facet of YDYS Buying and selling pays on recruitment of affiliate buyers.

Referral Commissions

YDYS Buying and selling associates earn a 50% fee on funds invested by personally recruited associates.

Residual Commissions

YDYS Buying and selling associates earn a “1% fee from the downline’s earnings.”

That is paid on returns, not quantities invested. What number of ranges YDYS pays residual commissions isn’t clarified.


YDYS Buying and selling funding generates “product factors”. Specifics aren’t supplied however, courtesy of the Philippine SEC, we will see the accumulating product factors qualifies associates for varied incentives:

Becoming a member of YDYS Buying and selling

YDYS Buying and selling affiliate membership is tied to a 300 to 50,000 PHP funding.

The extra a YDYS Buying and selling affiliate invests, the upper their earnings potential.

After 45 days, reinvestment is required to proceed incomes.

YDYS Buying and selling Conclusion

YDYS is a straightforward crypto Ponzi scheme. Associates make investments and, as long as new funding retains up, they steal 250% of what they invested after 45 days.

Sadly for YDYS Buying and selling buyers new funding hasn’t saved up.

Regardless of the SEC warning Hidalgo and YDYS promoters threat a twenty-one 12 months jail sentence or 5 million PHP file (~$94,369 USD), Hidalgo has doubled down on fraud.

On April twenty second, the day after the SEC’s warning, Hidalgo introduced an “further staking bundle”:

On April twenty third Hidalgo acknowledged “many individuals went to” YDYS Buying and selling’s workplace within the Philippines:

Whether or not this was in response to the SEC’s fraud warning is unclear.

Trying to deal with the actual fact YDYS Buying and selling was committing securities fraud and working illegally, on April twenty fifth Hidalgo revealed a YDYS Buying and selling “certificates of incorporation”:

This isn’t an alternative to registration with the SEC. With respect to MLM due-diligence, primary incorporation in any jurisdiction is meaningless.

After closely selling funding “flash gross sales” all through April…

…on Might 1st Hidalgo introduced YDYS Buying and selling was having cost points:

On Might thirtieth YDYS Buying and selling resumed selective payouts:

As of June fifth, YDYS Buying and selling continues to be below withdrawal strain.

Hidalgo claims his YDYS Buying and selling Ponzi scheme has “full legalities”. I imagine that is based mostly on bundling merchandise with YDYS Buying and selling funding:

As evidenced by the SEC’s warning, attaching merchandise to a Ponzi scheme doesn’t legalize securities fraud.

YDYS Buying and selling’s bundled merchandise look awfully just like what’s supplied by way of Prime 98 Choose.

Prime 98 Choose seems to be an offline MLM alternative, primarily promoted throughout the Philippines by way of social media.

I wouldn’t be stunned if there’s some crossover between Prime 98 Choose’s merchandise and YDYS Buying and selling’s funding product bundles.

In any occasion, YDYS Buying and selling’s withdrawal points are symptomatic of a Ponzi collapse.

What little funding continued to trickle in all through Might seems to funding selective withdrawals. By publicising these withdrawals, Hidalgo little question hopes to ressusicate new funding.

With YDYS Buying and selling racking up 250%+ ROI liabilities each 45 days, that’s unlikely to occur.

Pending affirmation YDYS Buying and selling has utterly collapsed, math ensures the vast majority of contributors in Ponzi schemes lose cash.



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