New consumer setup campaigns | Pipeline Performs



Creating a fantastic consumer expertise helps construct buyer loyalty, which incorporates new customers at current accounts. When a buyer expands or renews their contract, be proactive in connecting with their new customers. Don’t depend on the client to construct these key relationships.

Establish and attain out to new customers on the account. Arrange integrations, configure the product for his or her wants, and onboard and educate them about how one can use and get worth from the product. This setup ought to embody each private and automatic processes, corresponding to onboarding wizards, interactions along with your customer support workforce, and consumer coaching.


• Present buyer contract is expanded or renewed
• New customers are added


• CRM-automated welcome messages to new customers
• Implement a user-profile wizard to facilitate organising profiles and logging in to the product
• Schedule customer support calls to assist new customers set up integrations and stroll by means of options


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