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The Prosperity Grid gifting scheme collapsing, entry value slashed

The Prosperity Grid gifting scheme is collapsing.

Quite than simply acknowledge math is math and each gifting scheme finally collapses, The Prosperity Grid individuals are being blamed for not recruiting.

Charged with delivering victims unhealthy information on a current The Prosperity Grid webinar, was admin and prime earner Marina Taute.

Taute (proper) payments herself as a “change creator” from South Africa. By means of The Prosperity Grid, she’s actually created monetary change for victims of the rip-off.

Addressing a lot of these victims on the webinar, Taute acknowledged that “a couple of of the grids have been going a bit slower” for a “few months”.

The Prosperity Grid is an easy 2×3 matrix gifting scheme.

The corporate and its promoters consult with the matrices as “grids”.

In an effort to resuscitate The Prosperity Grid (and lure new victims in), Taute publicizes the earlier $500 USD buy-in shall be diminished to 2000 ZAR (~$126).

A yr and a half in the past once we requested folks for $500, it was doable.

However to ask that quantity now from any individual, it’s the identical as to ask them for 20,000 ZAR (~$1200 USD). Within the present economic system, the place we’re.

Chatting with the character of those that run gifting schemes, we’ve got is Taute acknowledging individuals are in monetary misery – and adjusting her gifting rip-off to greatest capitalize on that.

Completely shameless.

Then, in as near an acknowledgement of the inevitable decline in recruitment inflicting The Prosperity Grid’s collapse, Taute strikes on to a ballot.

We had a ballot that we ran within the Engine Room and the Receiver Room;

What’s the greatest subject on the grids? Why are we caught? Why aren’t folks bringing their two folks in?

And the difficulty was not monetary, the difficulty was to deliver two folks in. Persons are scared they’ll’t deliver their two folks in.

The answer is to pillage current Prosperity Grid individuals for more cash. They’ll be capable to purchase 2000 ZAR “shuttle” positions, which feed again into stalled The Grid Prosperity matrices.

One other change is scrapping somebody who you recruited being re-inserted into your matrix. They’ll now be “shuffled” into matrices which have stalled primarily based on time.

Taute continues with extra unhealthy information, saying that The Grid Prosperity’s “a reimbursement assure” is being scrapped for brand spanking new recruits.

This seems to be a token change, seeing as The Grid Prosperity is nicely on its option to an evitable collapse.

I nonetheless have folks within the Motivator place or Supporter place, contacting me and saying they need their a reimbursement.

Guys you didn’t pay me. And the Receiver that they paid, as soon as the grid is full, the Receiver is entitled to make use of the cash. That’s how The Prosperity Grid works.

The Grid Prosperity scammers have been ordered to test their victims are “energetic as soon as to twice every week”. In the event that they fail to reply, they’ll obtain warnings earlier than having their place(s) terminated.

Being energetic includes sending out spam in an effort to recruit new The Prosperity Group victims.

For folks exterior of South Africa, that evidently hasn’t caught on.

I do know I can deliver my sister in from Canada, as a result of she will’t get two folks from Canada as a result of the Canadians, nicely the Canadians the place she lives, doesn’t [sic] take into consideration this gifting economies [sic] the best way we do. So she will’t get in two folks.

Wanting ahead, Taute bangs on a few “new automated system”. It seems that’ll be launched (successfully a reboot), as soon as The Prosperity Grid collapses past the purpose of no return.

Taute and the remainder of The Prosperity Grid admins, who collectively are main beneficiaries of the scheme, have given it 90 days to get well.

Taute compares taking part in gifting scams like The Prosperity Grid to paying tithe at church.

As confirmed by Taute, the vast majority of The Prosperity Grid promoters and victims are in South Africa.

The vast majority of the grid at the moment, lots of people are in South Africa.

To this point, South African authorities have a horrendous monitor file on regulation of MLM associated fraud.



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